Welcome to Totara North School

We are are a small Northland school on the western side of the Whangaroa harbour.


Our Mission Statement and Vision  

“Growing inspired learners; through quality education, in a learning environment that supports children’s holistic development.”

Student Graduate Profile

As a community we have identified what we want for our learners at the end of year 6 so that they are set up for a positive future: 

Our children will be independent, self-motivated learners with a belief that they can learn anything. They will see learning as fun and have the desire to succeed and improve by working towards goals. Our children will be creative and have logical, conceptual and critical thinking skills that they can apply to confidently meet future challenges. They will value the rewards and satisfaction that come from hard work.

Our children will have a sense of their own cultural identity and value their roots in our community. They will have pride in being a New Zealander while also having an awareness of global contexts. They will understand of the importance of communities and whanau working together. Our children will have the social skills and ability to make new friends and interact with different people in a way that shows manākitanga and aroha. They will be responsible, honest citizens who can ask for help and advice when it is needed.

At the end of year 6 our children will be achieving their personal best with the aim of working at level three of the New Zealand Curriculum, or better. Our children will have particular skills in visual art, music, sports, te reo Māori and with information technologies. They will be achieving at a level equal to others nationally in reading writing and mathematics.