Newsletter 4 Term 2 -Thursday 04 June 2020

Kia Ora Koutou

Oh yes the winter weather is on way.  Can I please ask that children have a spare set of clothes in the bottom of their bags just in case they slip over in the mud and need to change.  This also means the germs and bugs are around as well so just a reminder in this present time any coughs and sniffs please keep the children home.  You can either ring and leave a message on the answerphone ( if no one answers), submit an absence form through our website or skool loop app or email myself if your child is going to be away from school.

Regarding signing in and out – we will continue this for a bit longer but we also have the ability of scanning using the Covid 19 app now also.  The posters are in the office window, staffroom and classroom windows.

Just a heads up about events next term.  We were meant to be studying the Olympic Games but these have been postponed until next year so after some discussion we will be having a literacy focus where classes will be looking at studying an Author half the term and then a theme (not yet decided) for the other half.  This will coincide with a Book Week where the tamariki will be doing lots of different activities, have visits to places or from people, an open day where whanau can come and see what the tamariki have been doing, which will include of course the big finale – a Book Week Parade where the tamariki will dress up as something related to books.

Ka kite ano

Jenny Williams


  The Junior Class are doing Firewise study until the end of this Term and  are about to embark on pickling radishes fresh out of the school garden tomorrow.  Also in the classroom the children have been learning Narrative (Story) Writing.  Below are a few stories created by the children.

Once upon a time there was a knight and a dragon.  The knight lived in a castle and the dragon lived in a cave, but not too far away.  The knight fought the dragon 

and the dragon fought the knight.  The knight scared the dragon away forever.  The knight lived happily ever after.  Created by Nick.

Once upon a time a dragon breathed fire by the knight.  The knight almost got burnt.  The knight scared the dragon away with his sword.  The dragon went back to his cave and the knight went back to his castle.  Created by Lauaki.

Once upon a time there lived a knight and not faraway lived a dragon who lived in a cave.  The dragon knew where the knight lived.  In a castle a Princess lived too.  She lived with her parents.  The dragon came to the knight and they started fighting.  The Princess looked out of the window.  Then she ducked down and the dragon crashed into the castle and grabbed the Princess.  The dragon took her into his home.  Meanwhile the knight had a tracker and called for more knights.  They went to the first knight.  They got their jetpacks.  They flew away to the dragon.  Created by Neve.

The following children have received certificates for their awesome work

Axel – for his digital skills and screen sharing during online learning and having a positive attitude.

Chloe – for being a helpful, caring student.

Ivy –  for your amazing ‘Art Bubbles’ and colour mixing.

Axel – for your great recount writing.
Stella – for absolutely beautiful handwriting.
Blake – for following instructions and writing your ‘h’s beautifully.
Neve – for mastering over 100 words.  Wow!
Millie/Ivy – impressive oral reading.
AxelFantastic research skills
Eko – Sense of humour in your writing.
Neve – For knowing 300 words!
Xavier – For your impressive folder of ‘home’ work.
Azahlia – For identifying your blends while reading.


Thurs 10 JuneSt Johns Programme
Tues 23 JuneDuffy Theatre Show
Tues 30 JuneBOT Meeting 4pm
Fri 03 JulyEnd of Term 2
Mon 20 JulyTerm 3 begins

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