Newsletter 3 Term 3 – Friday 09 September 2022

Kia Ora Koutou

In the past two weeks we have had some lovely events – Mini Commonwealth Games run by the Seniors and a fantastic trip to the Gumdiggers Park.

Our next event is the Cross country and you would have received ANOTHER notice regarding help and what you can bake – third time lucky????  Hopefully this will happen and once again I will put on my weather forecaster hat for the next two weeks watching carefully at the forecast.

Next week you will be sent out order forms and a copy of your child’s artwork that they have done for the Kids Artwork Calendars, Diaries, Notebooks or Mouse pads.  This is  a little fundraiser for the school as we are given a percentage of the sales.

Jenny Williams 

BOOKCLUB ISSUE 6:  Orders are due in by Wednesday the 14th of September so I can have them back in time before the next holiday term break.  Using LOOP online is the preferred way you can order. If unable to – then please have your orders back to school before the 14th.

The following children have received certificates for their awesome work:   

Week 5 Term 3

Lauaki and Lily – For your writing ‘The room was usual enough!’

Nick –  For focusing on your work.  Congratulations Nick.

Skyler – For your work with Rhonda with reading, piano playing, and art activities.

Kowhai –  For knowing the right thing to do during SSR.

Jack – For your hardworking attitude and wonderful reading.

Kymberly – Your writing is amazing!  Well done!

Nelson – For adding  detail to your writing.  Awesome mahi – Well done.

Week 6 Term 3

Rebecca  – For your leadership skills on our ‘Gumdiggers Park’ trip.

John – For great sound work and for trying hard with your reading.

Olivia – For focusing on your learning.

Lily – For your leadership skills with your group at the ‘Gumdiggers Park’.

Millie – For quickly doing the jobs asked by the Teacher without any fuss. (CBG Book awarded)

Indie – For taking responsibility for your learning and working hard, in and out of the classroom.

Blake – For reading with ‘fluidity’ and having a positive attitude.

Logan – For your wonderful sharing about your Uncle Eris Rush who was in the Commonwealth Games a long time ago.



Ali was born on the dawn of change

His future they did try to rearrange

But he did no take not one step back

In keeping his morals an beliefs intact.

The media dubbed him “The Louisville Lip”

Because of his tendency to shoot from the hip

They said “This cocky lad will surely fall”

But when sonny threw in the towel he “shook up the world”.

They tried to send him to Vietnam

But Ali bravely stood up to Uncle Sam

Saying “I ain’t got no quarrel with those Viet Cong

My fight is here, this is where I belong”.

Like a wave of prejudice crashing down

“Your not welcome to fight in this town”

He scratched beneath an infected skin

When he went into battle he fought to win.

America look up and see your champ

His shoulders are broad but his eyes are damp

“Equality” he cried from the highest step

And risked everything for your respect.

The peoples champion he longed to be

And turn their heads so they could see

That to stop segregation between black and white

Was the only cause that was worth the fight.



Friday 16 September Inter-School Cross Country held at our school
Tues 20 September BOT Meeting – 4pm
Thurs 22 September Calendar etc Orders due in
Fri 23 September Matauri Bay Sports at the Whangaroa College Grounds

(Save a Day Mon 26 September)

Fri 30 September Term 3 ends


Totara North School, 32 Totara School Road, Totara North, RD2 Kaeo 0479    

Phone: 09 405 1852             




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