Parents are asked to please go to the school office when enrolling a new student. The Education Act requires parents/caregivers enrolling a new 5 year old student to produce suitable evidence of the child’s date of birth, e.g. birth certificate or passport. You may also pre-enrol your 4 year old. The information on the enrollment form is collated for enrollment, school business and emergency procedures. If you have an immunization certificate for you child please also presented this at the school office on enrolment. This certificate is required by the Health Regulations 1995 Act and will be returned to you upon receiving the relevant information.

Children can be enrolled at anytime from 5 years old up to the end of their year 6 (10 or 11 years of age). Children in year 7 and 8 go on to attend local the local College or nearby full primary school.  We are happy to receive requests for enrolment forms personally or by phone, post, or email.  If you want to visit our school to have a look around before you make a firm decision please call in or make an appointment.