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General Information

Our school has a high expectation for school attendance as research has shown high absenteeism being one of the most detrimental factors to student achievement. If your child is going to be absent from school, we require a written note to advise us of the reason, email through either the school email or the Parent Teacher App or contact the school by phone.

Book Club
Leaflets are distributed to pupils approximately 8 times per year for personal buying of the books offered.  Orders and monies are sent back to school  or ordered online by the date notified at the time and the Scholastic bulk book order when returned will be distributed to those families who have ordered them.  If you wish to pick up the books yourself from the school office (e.g. birthday present etc), please state this on your order form at the time or ordering.

There is a bus that travels to and from Kaeo and link with the other busses that service the wider Whangaroa district each day.  This bus arrives at our school at approximately 8.45am and departs in the afternoon at 2.45pm.  There are buses also transporting to the Kahoe/Otangaroa areas. These arrive at our school at approximately 8.00am and depart in the afternoon at 3.40pm.

Dental Caravan 
We have a mobile clinic which visits our school.  All children are checked and a permission form sent home if treatment is required.  If at any other time of the year you are requiring attention for your child/ren, please contact the school office and you will be notified of where they are situated at the time and arrangements can be made to see the Dental Therapist.

Duffy Books in Homes Programme
In 2005 our school became eligible to participate in this programme.  Each year there are events whereas the children get to take home books to keep in their homes at no cost to the families.  We also hold assemblies at school on a weekly basis and often children are given certificates for “Caught Being Good”, of which they get to choose a free Duffy book to keep.  We also have the Kids at Home programme where under 5 year olds receive a free book on their birthday, chosen by their older siblings enrolled at our school.

The Duffy Scheme is sponsored jointly by RPL Accountants and fundraising undertaken by the school.

During their first year of schooling, pupils are tested by the Northland Health vision and hearing testers.  Annual testing is carried out on any children found having problems, along with children referred by teachers.  Parents/caregivers will be notified so they can be present.  We have a Health Nurse who is in our school weekly and can help out as needed. Your permission will always be asked first.

Please note: No sweets (including fruit strings) or fizzy drinks are permitted in lunchboxes at school.

Parent Help At School 

  • Parents/Caregivers are welcome to help at school in a variety of ways, including:

  • Classroom help – e.g. children reading their books to you.  Have a chat to the class teacher concerned to see how you can help and have fun at the same time.

  • Sports trips and field trips – Newsletters advise of up coming events taking place – let us know if you can help us out on these days as they arise.

  • Fundraising events – assistance with cake stalls, raffle tickets, sausage sizzles – any ideas and help we welcome!

A car park is available at the school to accommodate staff, parents, and other visitors to the school with an entry and exit. In order to accommodate as many vehicles as possible, angle parking on the left hand side of the car park is advised.

If children are being dropped off or collected, please park your vehicle in such a way as not to block the entrance to the car park so there will be free access in and out at all times and also access to the school house driveway to be available at all times. We also ask for the children’s safety, that during school hours, cars are not permitted to drive up onto the court area. If this is necessary e.g. heavy goods are being dropped off, or in an emergency, please ensure you approach a staff member first before opening the gate.

School Trips
As outings are considered part of the school programme, all children are expected to participate. Costs for such excursions are covered by the school with some exceptions where the family may be asked for a small contribution. Sometimes it is more economical to ask parents/caregivers to provide cars.  In such cases the Board of Trustees has a policy that all children must wear seat belts, the car must meet all legal requirements and the driver must have a full current drivers licence.

It is the policy of this school that sunhats must be worn during terms 1 and 4.  These are our summer terms and students are expected to wear a suitable sunhat outside at all times. Parents/Caregivers are requested to ensure that their child brings a named sunhat to school during these two terms. Students without hats will be directed to play under shade.

The Cancer Society recommend wearing either:

  • Bucket hats with a deep crown and an angled brim (width at least 6cms)

  • Broad brimmed hats with a brim of 7.5cms

  • Legionnaire hats with a flap that covers the neck and meets the sides of the front peak

  • Baseball caps are not acceptable and are NOT sunsmart as they leave the ears and the neck unprotected

  • Want to Know more? Check the website

Swimming Pools (out of action ast present – weekly trips to Whangaroa Community Pool if available)
We have two swimming pools here at our school. To help limit the spread of head lice and to help keep the pool filtration plant clean all children must wear a bathing cap when swimming in the pools. The school provides each child with one and if abused or lost you will be requested to send along money to pay for a replacement.